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Me in my healing room with my crystal bowls
Cassaundra at Enfield Fourth of July Celebration #2
Cassaundra at Enfield Fourth of July Celebration #1
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Playing Crystal Bowls at Many Rivers Acupuncture 2
Playing Crystal Bowls at Many Rivers Acupuncture 1
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Hello and welcome! Thank you for stopping in! 
There are a few new additions to my website and much more to come. I look forward to connecting with you!
Have a blessed day! 

Science has proven that the sound frequencies from the quartz crystal bowls,

when played, have the ability to penetrate through the layers of the physical

body to help in healing at the cellular level.  

Have you been feeling:​

* Tired and unable to think clearly

* Depressed and unfocused 

* Unable to fall asleep or stay asleep

* Physical aches and/or pains

* You've lost direction in life

(NOTE: Crystal Bowl Sound Healing is not a replacement for your doctor
but it has been used by many to help in supporting a healthier lifestyle.)



Past & recent participants stated they experienced:

* Increased energy and overall sense of relaxation

*  Release of pain, tension and constriction

*  Peace of mind and clearer thinking

*  Increased focus and ability to concentrate 

*  Deep sleep and feeling well-rested upon rising

*  And much, much more!


Ready to start feeling better? Needing a clearer mind and body?

Come join us for a Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Meditation, led by Chantal.
No prior knowledge of meditation needed!

Just sit or lay down, enjoy and totally R-E-L-A-X!

Chantal's soothing voice, will guide you into a very relaxed meditative
state through a relaxation technique to help calm the mind and body.
Once you are lulled into a calm and relaxed state of mind and body,
that is when the pure quartz crystal bowls begin to be played.
As the powerful and penetrating sound frequencies begin to emit
from the bowls, they penetrate our body's physical
layers to help you heal at the cellular level!


Look out for the next crystal bowl sound healing at Nirvana Spa and Wellness
in Somers, CT or call Chantal directly for more information: 


*NOTE: Bring a thick mat, pillow, something for under your knees to support your
lower back (blanket if you wish) as you will be laying down for the session.
We want you as comfortable as possible so please bring whatever it takes
for you to be comfortable while laying on the floor. Along with a water bottle.


Chantal's interview on the Blog Talk Radio Show!
 She was interviewed on the Blog Talk Radio Show by the wonderful Jan Bartrop-Babbitt!
Check out the link below to get a better idea and more details as to 
what she does as a Healer and an Intuitive!

***Note: Please excuse her many "umms." She was a bit nervous lol***


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